Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Every morning when we leave the house for the bus stop I think I should grab my camera.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes when I do I don’t use it.  But when I don’t grab it I nearly always regret it.  This morning?  I brought it.  I’m so glad.  There was rain over night but a bit of sun this morning and leaves have started to fall.  That means there are just a few here and there so you can isolate just one against interesting backgrounds.  I did only bring my 50mm though so tomorrow I may have to take my macro lens.  These would have been so great even CLOSER (I’m discovering that I just can’t get close enough, I see many, many macros in my future).



Beauty.  Found it.  Thanks, God!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Texture Tuesday

I am SO excited to be participating in my first photo challenge on my new photography blog.  You may have visited my other blog over at Wellblessed.  I’ve decided to move my photography posts over here and keep my family stuff over there.  BIG changes, much excitement!

Talk about changes?!  I’m actually writing this post SUNDAY night – for Tuesday!  I guess the changes have me all excited and chomping at the bit.  Or maybe it’s because I checked today to see what this week’s Texture Tuesday them is and found out it’s “red”.  I just happened to be shooting some flowers yesterday and one of them, well, you can’t get much redder than that.  Here is my offering for Texture Tuesday – Red Edition:

Raindrop Old Photo

Here’s what I did to the original:

  • added Kim Klassen’s Gray Day Vintage at 68%, brushed over the raindrop and lightly over the flower
  • added Kim’s Stained Linen at 86% and brushed over the raindrop and flower again
  • added Kim’s Taped Edge at 88%.
  • finally I did a rectangle mask on both the last two layers and brushed lightly over the center to increase the contrast between the edge and the center

There you have it.  I love checking out other entry’s into Kim’s challenge, I encourage you to do the same.  Blessings!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grand Opening!

I am excited to be launching my new photography blog AND store!  I really can’t believe it and while I feel like I’m not ready yet I’ve had numerous requests from people wanting to buy prints of my photography lately and who am I to say “no”.  I also wonder if I will ever feel “ready”.  I will always be learning and improving so I cannot expect that perfection will be the sign that I’m ready.  So, here I come, ready or not.

And here it is.  My blog.  With very little on it yet but my grand opening post.  The link to my store is to the right but here it is as well Finding Beauty Photography.  Of course I encourage you to go and check it out.  Buy something even.  That is the point after all.  For now there are prints and other products for sale, soon I always want to make cards available.

In closing I just want to say to God be the glory!  My biggest prayer is that my craft and my work will glorify Him!  Amen!