Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Shot

More homework.  My jaw pretty much dropped to the floor when my teacher announced our homework that second week of class.  We had to choose one day in which we took only one photo.  Not turned in one.  Not chose one of many.  We were only allowed to TAKE ONE PHOTO!  For the WHOLE DAY!  Aaiiiieeeee!!!! 

As it turns out it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  The day after class was super busy and I wasn’t able to have my camera with me nearly all day.  I did spend what felt like half the day at the mall trying to find out if my cell phone was fixable.  It was not.  So I got to spend more time there getting a new phone.  Once we got home and got the kids to bed Rob had to leave for his Reserves weekend which left me at home with a new phone, the perfect subject, and time to set something up.  So I drug out my “studio” (my black-lined empty diaper box), turned off all the lights but a little Ott desk lamp, made a stand out of Legos (yes, I did), made sure the phone was straight, straight, straight and hit the shutter.  I was hoping for a photo that would be near perfect SOOC (that’s straight out of the camera) but right when I hit the button the phone fell.  My Lego stand failed me and the phone slipped to the floor.  Those iPhones are pretty sturdy I can tell ya. 

After verifying that my phone was fine (it is) I checked my shot and it was crooked.  Dagnabit!  So I ended up doing more editing than I had wanted because I needed now to straighten the photo but other than a little white balance correction and contrast increase the photo is close to SOOC.  And I do like how my picture turned out.  As for the exercise of taking only one photo for the entire day, I really liked it.  It challenged me to make that ONE photo really count.  I didn’t want to just get to the end of the day not shooting anything and then take a snapshot of whatever was around me.  I thought, planned and carried out what was required to get a good photograph.  I think I did it (and I love my new phone).  My one shot:iPhone-0953

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