Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Texture Tuesday–Two!

I had  such a productive day today I can’t believe it.  One of the things, or maybe I should say two of the things I accomplished was two self portraits for my photography class homework.  I plan to share those soon.  But today is all about texture ‘cause it’s Texture Tuesday!  Tonight I went back and played with a photo from my Harry Potter movie-athon weekend turned photography weekend with my friend, Cedar.

We were walking around this quaint little seaside Victorian style town which was beautiful and so interesting but the wind was remarkable that day.  At one point in order to make a lens change out of the dusty wind we stepped into the nearest shop which turned out to be a wine shop.  We spent maybe the next 20-30 minutes there, with permission, taking pictures.  This was one of the first times I used my new macro lens, I’d only bought it two days before.  I focused my attention on a bowl of wine corks and was amazed at how close I could get. 

Now one of those pictures is before you texturized with Kim’s “all that”  at 81% and “serendipity” at 100% and lightly brushed over the “M”.   And that’s it.  I usually keep it pretty basic.  Here you go:


Now pop on over to Kim’s to check out more textured pictures.

And just in case you’re wondering where the “two” comes in which is this weeks theme I’m going to stretch it, I had my macro lens TWO days when I took this picture and I used TWO of Kim’s textures to make it.  And, as so often happens I’m finding, I had already talked in this post about TWO things I’d accomplished that day and I wrote about that before I knew the theme.  Ha! 

Yeah, lame, but it’s midnight and I couldn’t find this week’s theme until just now.  ‘night.  :)


  1. What a lovely image and excellent processing. Also, what a beautiful blog. Thank you. kareninkenai

  2. I love your image. Looks like you have been using that macro lens a lot longer than just two days. Well done!

  3. Very nice close-up of some wine corks. I like the warm lighting. Texture is meant to go with corks I would say. I enjoyed reading about you and your love of God's beauty. My blog is very similar. Come by for a visit sometime.

  4. Like your shot - love your commentary:) Very creative! Have fun with that new lens!

  5. Very cool. The texture work looks lovely! Maybe also there are two M's in your shot?

  6. I love the final image, so rich and warm, and I think your reasoning works rather well. Kudos.


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